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The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938

The Adventures of Robin Hood is probably the most successful and popular Robin Hood film of all time, winning three academy awards. Errol Flynn relishes playing Hollywood's swashbuckling interpretation of the lead role, opposite Basil Rathbone's dastardly (and camp) Guy of Gisbourne, and the emphasis throughout is clearly on action and romance. This movie was clearly a huge influence on future Robin Hood film makers, especially the decades later Kevin Costner version Robin Prince of Thieves which emulates much of its vine swinging through the forest style.
All the elements of the traditional legend are present: The encounter on the bridge with Little John; crossing the river with Friar Tuck; and the Golden Arrow contest. Maid Marian played by Olivia de Havilland, is elevated to the status of royal ward, and the elaborate costumes come thick and fast. Indeed, what in 1938 was considered one of the film's strengths, its colour and spectacle, is today a part of it's downfall; the merry men of sherwood resembling at times a group of garden gnomes rather than Saxon outlaws. (This can be particularly distracting during the speeded up fight sequences in Sherwood Forest!) Another weakness is the foppish Will Scarlet character, Robin's closest friend right from the outset of the film, and dressed from head to toe in Technicolour scarlet.
Nevertheless, one cannot help but be thrilled at Robin's impudent entrance into the heart of Nottingham Castle, throwing a dead stag before Prince John's guests, and at the sword fighting climax between Robin and Sir Guy, casting dramatic shadows across the walls; a fight which passed into Hollywood legend and rightly so. The real life hellraising friendship between Rathbone and Flynn, and the oft reported fact that de Havilland was actually in love with him, surely helped the on screen chemistry. Errol Flynn's The Adventures of Robin Hood is certain to retain its popular status with the general public and with younger fans, although hard core Robin aficionados might prefer a less flambouyant interpretation of the legend.

The Pictures of Robin Hood website and the Robin Hood website both feature more pictures from this film together with reviews of other Robin Hood films.

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Blogger robin hood said...

Robin Hood.
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

Errol Flynn : Robin Hood
Olivia de Havilland : Maid Marian
Basil Rathbone : Sir Guy of Gisbourne
Claude Rains : Prince John
Patric Knowles : Will Scarlett
Eugene Pallette : Friar Tuck
Alan Hale : Little John
Melville Cooper : High Sheriff of Nottingham
Ian Hunter : King Richard the Lion Heart
Una O'Connor : Bess
Herbert Mundin : Much-the-Miller's-Son
Montagu Love : Bishop of the Black Canons
Leonard Willey : Sir Essex
Robert Noble : Sir Ralf
Kenneth Hunter : Sir Mortimer

Norman Reilly Raine & Seton I. Miller
directed by:
Michael Curtiz & William Keighley

3:10 AM  
Blogger Gilgamesh said...

I love your blog and generally agree, but I, respectfully, disagree with your last line. I am as hardcore as they come )or I like to think so), even co-writing a script based on the original Robin Hood ballads (dark rather than flamboyant), but this is one of my favourites along with the Bergin film and Robin and Marian. It even gets kudos for casting Olivia de Haviland, who is actually from a real Norman family, as the Norman maid Marian. The flamboyancy, whilst not existing in many of the early ballads, does have some precedent in the more lighthearted ballads, in my opinion, and Basil Rathbone is probably one of the greatest villains in any Robin Hood film.

4:49 PM  
Blogger robin hood said...

I certainly agree about Bergin, and especially Robin & Marian. (Possibly my fave, alongside Robin of Sherwood).

I think other Flynn films, like his portrayal of Custer for example (which is no less mythical), just hold back on the reigns that little more and have aged better.

8:02 PM  

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